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4 October 2022 at 4,30 pm

Energy transition, decarbonisation, sustainability

Environment park - via Livorno 60, Torino and online on Zoom platform

Energy sustainability is important given the widespread nature of energy use, the importance of energy use in economic development, and the significant impacts that energy processes have on the environment. Factors that need to be considered and appropriately addressed in moving towards energy sustainability are energy resources, efficiency, and environmental stewardship, as well as economics, equity, lifestyle, sociopolitical factors and population.
Furthermore, energy transitions and decarbonization of energy are important factors in moving towards energy sustainability and, more generally, sustainable development and overall sustainability.
The speaker will discuss recent assessments, that identify the need for a sustained and comprehensive strategy. He will also provide practical examples of activities ongoing internationally, to resolve the challenges facing sustainable development, including climate change mitigation and energy security and access.

Speaker: Marc A. Rosen, Professor at Ontario Tech University in Oshawa, Canada, where he served as founding Dean of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science.

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