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7 October 2022 at 1,00 pm

Energy sustainability: A pathway to sustainable development

Aula 27 - Sede centrale - Corso Duca degli Abruzzi 24, Torino

Sustainable development is a critically important goal for human and societal activity. Energy sustainability is of great importance to any plans for overall sustainable development. This is particularly important given the pervasiveness of energy use, its importance in economic development and living standards, and the significant impacts that energy processes and systems have on the environment.
Many factors that need to be considered and appropriately addressed in moving towards energy sustainability are examined in this talk. These include appropriate selection of energy resources bearing in mind sustainability criteria, facilitation of the use of sustainable energy resources, enhancement of the efficiency of energy-related processes, and a holistic adoption of environmental stewardship in energy activities. In addition, other key sustainability measures are addressed, such as economics, equity, land use, lifestyle, sociopolitical factors and population. Conclusions are provided related both on options for energy sustainability and on means to achieve sustainable development.

Speaker: Doctor Marc A. Rosen - Professor (and Founding Dean) Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science Ontario Tech University Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.