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13 October 2022 at 5,00 pm

Landscape works

Sala Vigliano - Castello del Valentino - Viale Mattioli 39, Torino

Landscape architecture is about shaping the land, for the long term and with the bigger scope. We are one of the professions that can develop new forms of dealing with the multiple crisis that our living environment faces. Droughts, floods, overpopulation and degrading of biodiversity are no longer only big abstract ‘future’ issues, but trickle down on project level in the here and now. With LOLA we aim to brush off the old neglected cultural layers and natural potential, to create new landscapes, new sensory experiences and new habitats. Landscape that works. Beyond the technocratic and the normative we focus on the beauty of unexpected combinations and interactions. Thinking beyond the scope of the project we do see that building new parks, green structures and neighborhoods helps to keep human life on these small pieces of our planet attractive and sustainable.

Speaker: Cees Van Der Veeken - LOLA Landscape Architects, Rotterdam.
Moderate: Bianca Maria Rinaldi - Politecnico di Torino.

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