Energy and climate emergency: the actions of the Politecnico

In the context of the international climate and energy emergency, the University has decided to implement some initiatives to contribute to the reduction of natural gas imports and, more generally, to face the condition of growing international instability and an increase in energy prices.

The immediate actions to contain the University's consumption already implemented are:

  • 1 ° C reduction of the temperatures set in the regulation of heating systems
  • shutdown of all water heaters in the toilets, with the exception of showers and washbasins used in changing rooms and laboratories
  • reduction of refrigeration in water dispensers (where possible)

Through these actions, in the second quarter of 2022, the expected energy savings is quantified as 2% of thermal energy and approximately 1% of electricity.

In order to achieve this first result, the involvement and commitment of each one is also crucial.

We therefore invite you to adjust your heating terminals (fan coils) as explained in the image below:

We also ask you to avoid unnecessary electricity consumption, by turning off the lights in the offices and the electrical equipment when not needed (ex. at the end of working hours).