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14 - 26 January 2022 ONLINE

Mathematics of Urban Morphology

Online course

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14-21-28 January, 4 February 2021 ONLINE

Full Flight Simulator: testing and research platform

Webinar organized by AIDAA

On Webex Platform
Seminars and Conferences
21 January 2022 at 11,30 am ONLINE

Your day for planning and managing your research career

The webinar, open to RTD-As, introduces the concept of career planning and professional development, through the analysis of one's own strengths and possible areas for development, and provides a methodology for achieving it

Seminars and Conferences
24 January 2022 at 5,30 pm

Real-Time Classification of Real-Time Communications

SmartTalk of the SmartData@PoliTO center

SmartData@Covivio and on Microsoft Teams platform
Seminars and Conferences
Seminars and Conferences
26 January 2022 at 5,30 pm ONLINE

PitchD, the PhD’s pitch - IEEE SB Polito webinar

1st PitchD (PhD's pitch) of 2022

On YouTube
Seminars and Conferences
27 January 2022 - at 5,30 pm ONLINE

International Data Spaces – Towards a standard for sovereign data sharing in a hyperconnected world

Online seminar of the cycle called "Thursday seminars" organized by CNR-IEIIT

On Microsoft Teams
Seminars and Conferences
17-18 February 2022

Designing the Future of the Past

Seminar to promote a dialogue across disciplines on the reuse of urban legacy, heritage, and landscape

Castello del Valentino - viale Mattioli, 39 - Torino
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Eventi da febbraio a giugno 2022

Young Professionals Forum - Emerging skills for heritage conservation - Edizione 2022

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Seminars and Conferences
4 March 2022 at 10,00 am ONLINE

"Imposter Syndrome": what is it and is it holding you back from being at your best?

The webinar addresses the issue of the impostor syndrome and its implications for the professional life and career development of those engaged in research

Seminars and Conferences
16 - 20 May 2022

Beyond Elasticity: Advances and Research Challenges

Conference about challenges at the interface between mathematics and mechanic

Luminy - France
Seminars and Conferences
2 - 3 June 2022

MoCo LA 2022 - The New Economy of Movement

MoCo LA is a two-day event curated by MOBI and partners, bringing together the brightest minds from our community of industry influencers, smart city thought leaders, infrastructure owners/operators, and mobility stakeholders