The University premises next to the classrooms, laboratories and offices all have designated spaces for hosting events.

The historical location of the Castle of Valentino has – on several occasions - been nominated and chosen to host summits and highly prestigious events. To name but a few: “Casa Italia” during the 2006 Winter Olympics and in the same year the international UN symposium on immigration; the Latin-American Columbus Forum in 2007, the UN Secretary General´s Retreat in 2007 and 2013; the World Congress of Architecture in 2008 and the G8 University Summit in the spring of 2009.  

The brochure Meeting@Polito  illustrates the spaces available for events, the layout of the rooms, logistics and technical equipment; the latter, if not provided, can be provided on request. The Audiovisual Office can be contacted for technical support, use of the equipment and the multimedia services.

Events can be taken care of exclusively by the University, in partnership with other organizations or organized directly by third parties. In the latter case, the terms and conditions of the use of these spaces is detailed in the Regulations for the granting of spaces.