The spaces which the Politecnico di Torino offers are barrier free, in keeping with the safety regulations in force, accessible and identifiable via suitable signs (totem, poles, floor plans...), adequately equipped for all environmental conditions (excluding the great halls of the Castle of Valentino except on rare and specific occasions) and have Wi-fi (available through prior registration with username and password). 

In order to facilitate access for the disabled, events are held preferably at venues within easy reach, next to toilets and equipped for transfers. The organization should be notified in advance of specific needs or requests in order to receive the necessary information.

A logistical-technical inspection is always carried out prior to determining the location.

Participation in the events is free of charge, unless otherwise envisaged and appropriately signalled by the organization.

For safety reasons, the maximum capacity of the room cannot be exceeded. Therefore, it is advisable to register in advance via the online procedure, if indicated in the invitation, or via mail to Joining is a simple step which helps the organisation and provides the maximum enjoyment of the event. Registration ensures an allocated seat if provided or, in any case, guarantees access to the room. It is always advisable to show up 15 minutes prior to the start of the event unless indicated otherwise on the invitation. For accreditation it is only necessary to give a name at the designated desk.   

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