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From research projects, didactic developments, and services for students and the region, a university such as the Politecnico di Torino has a lot of news, which can be of interest to a diverse public, including students and their families, the academic community, institutions, and local businesses.

The Media Relations Unit at the Politecnico is in charge of making sure the flow of information from the University reaches the appropriate public, via the most appropriate tools whilst ensuring transparency, clarity and timeliness of the communication activities of the University. It is also at the disposal of journalists to provide useful materials for drafting articles on the university system, the University´s activities, in addition to scientific-technological, architectural and design topics. This unit also constitutes the information channel through which teachers and Departments can add visibility to research initiatives and projects.

The spread of new online media, multimedia and “social” sites enables a more direct transmission of information via the website, university newsletter and the community. 

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