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Deadline for abstracts submission: 30 June 2020

The wide possibilities of data representation

Dn - Building Information Modeling, Data & Semantics is the first BIM journal in Italy. This journal has recently been assessed as the Scientific journal of ANVUR Area 08.

The wide possibilities of data representation

The Science of Drawing is certainly one of the disciplines that has achieved the most important innovations deriving from the continuous methodological and technological progress: if the impact of computer tools on the representation of architectural and engineering projects is evident to everyone, we must not forget other interesting forms of graphic elaboration that involve those quantitative and qualitative parameters, more and more numerous and complex, essential to govern the processes of knowledge: through tools for reading and synthetic visualization more and more of a statistical and infographic type (tables, diagrams, mental and conceptual maps, schemes, histograms, graphs, pictograms, but also photographic and cartographic supports), the way we see and interpret the world has changed profoundly today. This changement, moving from many and heteroneus data to information (few and selected), requires us to rethink the supporting role played by analysis and graphic synthesis in all disciplines and fields of knowledge affected by our disciplinary training. The processing of data requires clear aims and vision, the communication of results requires simplification. The effectiveness of the graphic language has been recognized and studied by many theorists and professionals of representation and communication; this Call for Paper is addressed to these topics of great topical interest.

Editors: Massimiliano Lo Turco, Politecnico di Torino; Sandro Parrinello, Università degli Studi di Pavia.

Key Dates 2020

Call for Papers Launched: May 18th
Abstract (maximum 1500 ch + 2 images) Deadline: June 30th
Abstract Feedback: July 30th
Full Paper (maximum 20.000 ch + 8/10 images): September 30th
Full Paper Feedback: October 30th
Revised Full Paper Deadline: November 30th

All Papers accepted after the double-blind peer review process will be published in the Dn journal with an ISSN.

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