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Deadline 18 September 2020

“My research in three minutes” Tiziana Vitrano award – V edition

Three minutes to effectively explain the research carried out at Politecnico to a non-specialist audience between study, laboratory activity and work jointly carried out with companies and international research institutions.
The award is named after Tiziana Vitrano, who has been the Media Relations Head Officer for many years and has always worked actively for the scientific disclosure, with particular regard to young researchers.

The Prizes:
€ 1.500 (gross amount) for the first classified;
€ 1.000 (gross amount) for the second classified;
€ 500 (gross amount) for the third classified.

About the competition:
A jury of scientiic disclosure experts will evaluate the oral presentations, made in Italian or English, with the support of slides and if needed an object representative of the research. The following criteria will be evaluated:

  • Clarity of the communication that should be aimed at a non-specialist audience;
  • Appropriateness and accuracy of the language used;
  • Use of the supporting material (slides);
  • Observance of the time limit of 3 minutes and correct use of the available time.

Who can apply:
PhD candidates of XXXIII and XXXIV Cycle of Politecnico di Torino

Applicants shall submit the application form as detailed in the call by 18 September 2020.
The final competition will take place during the PhD graduation ceremony.
Eligible candidates will be shortlisted in the first half of October.

The call is available at this link.