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Deadline 16 September 2021 - 6,00 pm

"Elsa Piana - Textile and health" Award 2021

As part of their constant commitment to research and innovation in the textile sector, the Textile and Health Association and Piana Technology, 220 South Erwin Street Cartersville - USA, announce the third edition, for the year 2021, of the Elsa Piana - Textile Health Award.

The initiative is called “Elsa Piana Award - Textile and Health” in memory of Mrs. Elsa Piana, grandmother of Andrea Piana. She was a fibro-painter who supported the Textile and Health Association initially and was among the first artists to reuse waste fibers to create compositions full of poetry

The theme of the 2021 competition is to improve Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) filtering capacity against viruses and their comfort.

The Awards aims at enhancing interdisciplinary research on textile products functionality in the following areas: well-being well-being, prevention, treatment, and rehabilitation using biocompatible and eco-sustainable fabrics.
The research must have been carried out by single or associated researchers or by companies.

The 2021 prize consists of a cash amount of € 30,000 gross to the winning research. It will be both a supply of intellectual services and recognition of personal merit or a title of encouragement in the community’s interest.
The cash prize will be awarded to one or to a maximum of three research products by dividing the Prize equally as part of an event organized by the Textile and Health Association.

The application form, with the relative attachments, must be sent by 16 September 2021 at 6,00 pm to Elsa Piana Award - Health Textile - 2021 email:

The Jury will decide the winner of the Award by 1 December 2021.
We will publish the results of the Jury decision on the dedicated section of the Association's website by 31 December 2021.