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Deadline May 15 2022

2nd Training school on Modelling & characterization of CNM composites

The European COoperation in Science and Technology-COST is a funding organization for the creation of research networks called COST actions.
EsSENce (High-performance Carbon-based composites with Smart properties for Advanced Sensing Applications) COST action has the objective to develop an innovative scientific and technological hub at the European level focused on advanced composite materials reinforced with carbon-based nanomaterials for several applications.
The main focus is to combine manufacturing technologies with innovative nano-enabled composite materials for the fabrication of smart devices with new functionalities. The advent of sensors in many different applications, like environmental monitoring, monitoring constituents in food products, security, gas sensing as well as diagnostics and human health monitoring, has led to the ever-growing modification of existing processing and manufacturing routes by incorporating advanced carbon-based reinforced composites offering multi-functionality.
The EsSENce network includes 107 Institutions, among them 59 Universities, 33 institutes and academies 15 companies.

Young researchers and PhD students can apply to participate in the school, and travel grants for in person participation can be provided to a selected number of participants. Applications for either online or in presence participation (max. 25 seats) are open till May 15, 2022.

The school programme is available at the dedicated page.
More information about the school and instructions for applications can be found here.