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18 -19 February 2016

Sustainable Built Environment 2016 TORINO - Towards Post-Carbon Cities

Lingotto, Politecnico di Torino, Torino

Content of the conference
Transition toward “post-carbon city” imposes new paradigms in the policy makers agenda.
It requires a burst in the carbon-dependency of our urban systems, which has lead to current high levels of greenhouse gases. There is the need for the establishment of new types of cities that are low-carbon as well as environmentally, socially and economically sustainable.
In the current transition, new uncertainties and vulnerabilities of cities are emerging, that require an holistic evaluation approach and new integrated collaborative methods and tools with the aim at assisting urban planners, built environment stakeholders and policy makers in their efforts to plan, design and manage post-carbon cities.
To better understand the current situation, the conference “Toward Post-Carbon Cities” will cover several specific themes:

  • Strategies for sustainable urban development
  • Sustainable university campus
  • Methods and tools for assessment
  • Decision making methods and tools at urban scale
  • Policies and regulations for a sustainable built environment
  • Training and education
  • Sustainable urban districts retrofitting
  • Sustainable districts: case studies

The Plenary Session will be in the form of an open debate between excellence scientist and thinkers coming from different fields (architecture, biology, physics, etc.) on sustainable cities.

Some other event will take place parallel to the conference:
  • Sprint Workshop: Assessment harmonization in Europe at building and urban scale
  • FASUDIR project Workshop: Tools for friendly sustainable urban districts retrofitting

A response to a frequently asked question: please note that the submitted abstract should summarize the contribution that you plan to propose as a full paper. For more details you might find helpful the list of themes and the papers process detailed in the event overview.

Of course, you can also simply participate as an attendee to the event, in which case you should not submit any contribution.
Don’t hesitate to ask further questions through the website contact form.
Looking forward to seeing you in Torino,
Patrizia Lombardi (Scientific Committee Chair)
Andrea Moro (Scientific Committtee Co-Chair)
Giulia Barbano (Organizing Committee Chair)

Main supporting organisations:
  • Covenant of Mayors Italy
  • CESBA Network
  • Regione Piemonte
  • National Research Council
  • SIEV
  • Architects Institute of Torino
  • Foundation of the Engineers Institute of Torino
  • ANCE Torino
  • SITI
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