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27 June 2022 at 3,00 pm

Alternative Housing Models in Action

Online on Zoom platform

The Lecture, by Sonia Arbaci, will explore contemporary dynamics for housing exclusion, such as the commodification and financialization and not for profit systemic perspective. Learning from Northern Europe, the lecture will introduce the UNITARY RENTAL SYSTEM in SOCIAL MARKET ECONOMIES and the case of Coin street in London.

Programme of the day: Timing: 3,00 - 5,00 pm

  • Looking back into the future. European housing systems of social market economies.
Guests: Sonia Arbaci - UCL London

Discussants: Loris Servillo - Dist Polito,
Moderate: Silvia Cafora - DAD Politecnico, Matteo Robiglio - DAD Politecnico, Ludovica Rolando - DAD Politecnico.

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