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21 April 2021 - 5,00 pm ONLINE

Policy mobilities in the global South

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Meeting of the Cycle of seminars "DISTant Talks: PhDs Behind the Scenes" organized by the PhD students in Urban and Regional Development of the DIST Department

Seminar Language: English

Francesca Blanc, PhD Candidate, Politecnico di Torino
Ryan Whitney, Universidad de los Andes + Seneca College
David López García, The New School

In the last decades, the circulation of urban policies has shifted its travelling direction from North-South to South-South and even South-North. A growing number of experiences have risen from Latin America with ‘leveraging cities’ such as Bogotá (Colombia) and its Bus Rapid Transport or ciclovía models that have been mobilized to other cities in both the global South and the global North. The same happened to Porto Alegre (Brazil) and its participatory budgeting model which has been travelling to a huge p number of cities all-around the World.
Despite the shift of Latin American countries ‘from import to export’, the politics that underpin policy circulation hide global power asymmetries faced by the current policy mobilities literature. Mexico City is an interesting case study of ‘global-local assembling process’ from where analyzing the collision between global urban politics and local governance. Our guests will contribute with an open dialogue for exploring the tensions between travelling institutional arrangements and local policy making in the Global South.


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