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25 and 28 May 2021 - 4,30 pm ONLINE

Aircraft Impact Dynamics

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The webinar provides an overview of recent developments in a specialized research area on aircraftimpact dynamics.
The original contributions from the authors define the state of the art in the chosen thematic area byfocusing attention on cases of industrial interest addressed to development programmes.
They give an overview of the definition of both of the field of applicability and of how the research hasproduced innovations and improvements. Improvements concern certainly materials and structures, butthey also include the ways of energy absorbing involving a greater part of the structure during theimpact.

This webinar is addressed to PhD students, experienced researchers, regulatory agencies and industryspecialists. It discusses the latest aerospace crashworthiness regulations, certification by analysismethods for aircraft, bird strike, metallic & composite structures, impact dynamics up to computationaland experimental techniques. Finally, two case studies about the aircraft seat structures and an aircraftaccident will be discussed.
Target audience: doctoral students, non-academic professionals, and undergraduate students.

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