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26 May 2021 - 5,00 pm ONLINE

Academic research and international cooperation: a match made in heaven?

On Politecnico's platform (BBB)

Seminar cycle «DISTant Talks: PhDs behind the scenes» organized by Ph.D. in Urban and Regional Development

Welcome: Caterina Pozzobon, Politecnico di Torino
Speakers: Elisa Bignante, Egidio Dansero, Università degli studi di Torino

How can research centres and international cooperation actors work together at best? Are they compatible in terms of approaches, timing, goals, ...?
In many cases, universities together with international cooperation actors are trying to share and integrate their works, competences and knowledge o ultimately improve the quality of the respective outcomes.
The conference will provide a space in which the speakers will share their experiences in this field and open a critical reflection on the topic.


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