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10 May 2021 ONLINE

Promotion Events for TRA VISIONS 2022 Competition

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TRA VISIONS 2022 project aims to organise a competition for young researchers in the field of transport. TRA VISIONS is looking for students in their final year of Master or first years of PhD; the competition is divided in 5 modes of transport, namely Road, Rail, Waterborne, Airborne and Cross-modality. Single students or groups can submit their project to one of these categories and win up to 5000 Euro (first place prize). The three top winners for each mode will be invited to the TRA Conference in Lisbon (Autumn 2022) and receive their prizes amidst representatives of industry, EU Commission and other stakeholders of the field.

Promotion Events for TRA VISIONS 2022 Competition.
In the past, we have arranged in-person visits with students to tell them about the opportunity to take part in TRA VISIONS, but due to the pandemic we are not able to organize visits, so we organizing 30-minutes online webinars, during which we will break down TRA VISIONS Young Researcher Competition regulation, application and any other necessary detail.

2 Promo online events
May 10th 11.30 – 12
May 10th 13 – 13.30