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2 - 3 June 2022

MoCo LA 2022 - The New Economy of Movement

Decentralized Mobility Use Cases & Implementation

MoCoLA is a two-day event curated by MOBI and partners, bringing together the brightest minds from our community of industry influencers, smart city thought leaders, infrastructure owners/operators, and mobility stakeholders including multinational companies, government agencies, NGOs, startups, DLT protocols, users, and service providers.

MoCoLA22 is focused on leveraging MOBI–MEF Core Services network (governance, authority, identity, and assurance— GAIA) and Citopia (decentralized platform for connected mobility commerce) to enable and scale our members’ mobility solutions.

Learn how to access new customers, offer new services, and conquer new markets by using the MOBI Technology Stack to automate multiparty “trustless” business transactions, share data securely and privately, and build pay-per-use mobility applications. Build simple B2C business dApps using the MOBI User Agent SDK kit and connect to the MOBI–MEF Core Services network. Give your business partners the power to automate their full value chain within and across industries.
Learn how adding new, cross-industry standards, such as the MOBI Trusted Trip, to your dApp can add security for your customers and enable more flexible mobility products.
Establish your leadership position in the New Economy of Movement. Network with MOBI members and cross-industry professionals to hear about their use cases and see demos of their latest decentralized mobility dApps. Attend specialized sessions, panels, and a workshop regarding the latest decentralized mobility trends and cutting edge research.

Attendees, speakers, and staff will be required to present proof of COVID-19 vaccination to ensure safety for ALL.
Register now to secure your spot and hear from decentralized mobility experts from all over the world.

All current Politecnico di Torino employees are welcome to use the code *TORINOMOCO22* for a $250 discount when purchasing a General Admission ticket.

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