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9 December 2021 at 4,00 pm ONLINE

Non-Local Scalar Conservation Laws with Congestion

In this seminar, Federico Stra, Politecnico di Torino, will present a recent result obtained in collaboration with Emanuela Radici, EPFL.

They studied a deterministic particle scheme (Lagrangian discretization) to solve non-local scalar conservation laws with congestion in one dimension. They show that the discrete approximations con- verge to the unique entropy solution under more general assumptions that the existing literature: the velocity fields are less regular (in particular the interaction force can have a discontinuity at the origin), there are no prescribed attractive/repulsive regimes, and the mobility can have unbounded support. He will then give a summary of several possible future developments, focusing in particular on a brief description of an undergoing work in collaboration with Emanuela Radici and Elio Marconi, EPFL, about the stability of “almostentropy solutions” of scalar conservation laws.

You will be able to follow the seminar in streaming on Zoom platform at the following link.