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7 December 2021 at 4,00 pm (UTC+1) ONLINE

Some New Applications of the Mean Curvature Flow to Self Shrinkers - with Alex Mramor, Johns Hopkins University

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With Alex Mramor, Johns Hopkins University.

The mean curvature flow, where one deforms a submanifold by its mean curvature vector, is known to in many cases develop singularities. These are points where the curvature along the flow blows up, or in some sense where the submanifold pinches. This makes the study of singularities vital to fully utilize the flow. Arguably the most basic local models for singularities are self shrinkers, called such because they evolve by dilations. In this talk we’ll discuss some applications of the mean curvature flow to the study of self shrinkers in R3 and R4.

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