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14-15 september 2016

e-agorà/e-ἀγορά for the transition toward resilient communities

Castello del Valentino - Viale Mattioli, 39, Torino, Italy

The Ninth International Conference on Innovation in Urban and Regional Planning represents an opportunity to provide innovative and original contribution to the ongoing debate on the Innovation and the use of ICT in planning, management and evaluation issues and to improve the process of knowledge acquisition, by means of the development of new techniques and methods.
This Ninth Edition, starting from an open and critical view of the smart city paradigm, aims at raising a comprehensive spectrum of new and interdependent problems showing a multidisciplinary character and extends the horizon over which the urban growth strategies and, more generally, the regional development strategies are defined.
This view not only calls into question technical or systemic issues, but heavily challenges societal and ethical aspects, assigning a new kind of responsibility to the needed research and innovation efforts.

Main topics are:
- Sharing responsibilities
- (e-qual)ity living
- Environment and land use
- Transition and innovation theories
- Maintenance, upgrading and innovation in cultural heritage
- New economies
- Big data and data mining
- Ict & models: planning for communities

Interested authors are invited to submit individual or collective contributions to any of the conference topics.

Deadline for Submission is April 29, 2016.

For further information on topics, important dates, abstract submission and registration visit