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Scadenza 7 febbraio 2021 per abstract e 7 marzo 2021 per registrazione

CancerTO -Nanoscience in Cancer Immunotherapy

9/11 marzo 2021 ONLINE

Congresso virtuale CancerTO -Nanoscience in Cancer Immunotherapy organizzato da UniTO e da PoliTO

Il congresso che si terra dal 9 all'11 Marzo 2021, sarà gratuito per i primi 100 studenti UniTO e PoliTO e per i dottorandi di UniTO e di PoliTO: link per l'iscrizione.

E' possibile sottomettere gli abstract fino al 7/2/2021 e registrarsi fino al 7/3/2021.
Per i ricercatori, è inoltre possibile sottomettere i propri articoli scientifici sui due Special Issues associati alla conferenza
Link per sottoporre gli abstract.

The Nanoscience in Cancer Immunotherapy Workshop (NCIW), to be held in Turin from March 9-11 2021, is an international meeting jointly organized by the Università and Politecnico of Turin with the aim to provide a platform for discussion on the most recent advances in tumor immunology with a focus on nano bio-technology as a strategy to foster the impact of immunotherapy on cancer treatment.
The main goal of the NCIW is to provide a challenging transdisciplinary environment where life and nano scientists can exchange their knowledge and latest findings to accelerate and improve the coordinated progress of oncology, drug development and delivery. The program covers topics from basic research in tumor immunology to the latest advancements in the design of complex tissue models and of nanotechnology based delivery systems in cancer immunotherapy.

Eugenio Brusa (PoliTo)
Federico Bussolino (UniTo)